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Artist pack
Artist starter pack
  • Initial consultation

  • Artist business/Financial plan

  • Business proposal as per artists established budget

  • Application for possible loans or grants

  • Setup of artist map to success

  • Single/Album cover creation

  • Artist photo shoot for upcoming release

  • Logo and appareal design

  • Setup of all social media platforms

  • Setup of music links page

PRESS Package
  • Press Release completion

  • Video interviews

  • 28 day Release Plan

  • Social media preparation

  • Playlist pitching and placements

  • Blog pitching and placements

  • Radio tracker pitching and placements

  • Online blogs/radio/tv/channel interviews

  • Social media awareness

  • Pulse pros Influencers preparation

  • Multiple blog write-ups

  • Prep for Instagram BLUE TICK

  • Pulse PROs Model/Influencer Reel tactic

  • Social media paid advertisement

  • Youtube account preparation

  • Youtube paid advertisement

  • Email and physical contact with radio personnel

  • Personal apparel preparation

  • Music/Video/Album release party

  • Distribution and release under Pulse Pros

  • Continuous brand development and awareness

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